• interior & product images
• images for catalogues & advertising
• location ideas
• interior design & styling


The first step to take

Generally, the work starts with a sketch: a few lines to make a composition and represent the form, a couple of color patches to introduce general feeling. It is enough to reflect the most important thing - the idea. Then we will help you to transform the idea into a clear-cut, complete image which will give you the chance to advertise your product to its best advantage.


Your fancies

Create your unique locations-real or divised, modest or crazy. Display your product in locations that can outline or complement it, expose its features and peculiarities. Show your style, your personal point of view using the location where your product is displayed.



Thorough modeling of each object to achieve exact dimensions, forms and proportions. Emphasis on the minute details as if creating a real object. This way it is only possible to obtain the utmost similarity. Your product will be displayed with absolute exactness.


Try to experiment

Demonstrate all the available materials for your product at the site or in the catalogue and to choose them at the stage of designing. The accurate picture of all materials can show even the most subtle combination. We will be pleased to help you present the whole variety of your products.

We are happy to cooperate

We are always ready to work with architects and designers, studios and agencies on interesting projects. We are genially interested in your proposals and in turn we are ready to share the information you might require.